It’s all about the Neighbourhood

p>When buying a home there are many factors to consider. Before you purchase there are questions you need to ask and answer for yourself. Questions relating to price, structure, affordability, size… the list goes on…

After discussions with Intro Real Estate agents, we learnt that there is one question that is most prominent when buying a home. That question is: “How convenient will it be for me to move here?” We all know traffic is growing in intensity and being able to drop the kids off at school and get to work on time, is somewhat of a luxury nowadays. Even if you don’t have kids, it is always a good idea to scout out the schools and consider them in your buying decision. Planning ahead for the future is always a good option.

It is not only weekdays that need to be considered but what is available for you to do on weekends? Is this property convenient for relaxing and suitable for your social life? How close are the malls, movies and restaurants? Again this may not be at the top of your list now but planning ahead can save you from spending your weekends travelling “to and fro” in the future.

Convenience is the number one factor to consider when buying a property. So our advice would be to apply a two phase shopping process. Spend time shopping through neighborhoods and areas; and once you have shortlisted a few, then start your actual house shopping. This will help narrow your choices.

Start by contacting one of your Intro Real Estate specialist agents to discuss the amazing neighbourhoods available in order to set up personalized, private tours of properties tailored to your needs and price range.

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